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Electric Scooter In Italian Oct 19

Compulsory helmets and designated parking zones for users of electric scooters are among the changes proposed by Italian lawmakers updating the Highway Code.

Amendments to Italy’s infrastructure decree, which governs the country’s laws relating to transport and public works, are due to be debated by parliament later this week – with e-scooter regulations and a proposed driver smoking ban among the most hot-button topics.

Electric scooters have become popular in cities across Italy in the last couple of years, with multiple brands making them available for quick and easy use via sharing apps.

Italian media reported a “boom” in the use of electric scooters, or monopattini, in Italian cities amid the pandemic as people avoided public transport.

But they are seen as a scourge by many residents, who complain of reckless riders going at top speed on pavements and obstructing pedestrian access by dumping the vehicles on public walkways.

Those requesting changes have suggested that the scooters should only be parked in designated zones and banned altogether from some parts of cities.

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