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  • The new product of unigogo
    The new product of unigogo Apr 21, 2022
    Another new product in the line of factory-electric scooter unigogo G2 PRO. A solid car of high passability, unigogo G2 PRO which you can buy from this page of our store has several interesting features. This is the original design of the frame, double disc brakes, a powerful motor wheel, shock absorbers on both wheels, a capacious battery. At the same time, the price of the unigogo G2 PRO still r...
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  • 2022 NEW ARRIVE SCOOTER G3 pro
    2022 NEW ARRIVE SCOOTER G3 pro Apr 12, 2022
    Through state-of-the-art design and manufacturing techniques, the Unigogo G3 PRO have taken a technological leap and are loaded with innovative features that make all other brands of scooters seem obsolete. The G3 PRO is the most powerful electric scooter we carry. owns off-road tires and Strongest forged aluminum IP 67 waterproof to protect your electric scooter from injury to water for those lon...
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  • new normal and new trend
    new normal and new trend Mar 31, 2022
    “New normal” Such apparent commitment to sustainability no doubt appeals to governments in the coronavirus recovery as they seek to support transport needs that adhere to social distancing while avoiding increases in polluting car use. Although many shared e-scooters were taken out of service during lockdowns, they are slowly returning to cities, with ramped-up cleaning measures. Meanwhile, retail...
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  • e-scooter increase more
    e-scooter increase more Mar 31, 2022
    You might have started seeing more of them on streets and in parks, gliding past you with a faint electric hum. As lockdowns lift and people avoid public transport, e-scooters – stand-up, electrically powered scooters – are becoming more popular. The easing of lockdowns has highlighted the importance of individual, emission-free, socially distanced transport as governments try to prevent spikes in...
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  • more fashion trends
    more fashion trends Mar 31, 2022
    If you’re a particular age, then you might have memories of riding a scooter. Those flimsy, two-wheeled scooters that gave you freedom on the sidewalk in front of your house before your acquisition of a bike opened up the whole neighborhood.Until recently, that image of a scooter as a nothing more than a child’s toy was the one most people carried.Now, several companies, such as unicool,...
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  • fashion eletric and new style
    fashion eletric and new style Mar 23, 2022
    Welcome to Unigogo Electric Scooter World! If you’re looking for fun, freedom, or just a way to contribute to a cleaner environment, you’ve come to the right place.  Unigogo is a world-class producer of advanced personal transportation products and solutions. we provide a broad selection of state-of the-art products – you’re sure to find the one that is perfectly suited to your needs and...
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  • Miami Reinstates Electric Scooter Program With New Safety Measures After Brief Ban
    Miami Reinstates Electric Scooter Program With New Safety Measures After Brief Ban Dec 02, 2021
    The Miami City Commission voted 3-1 on Monday to reinstate its e-scooter pilot program, which it had briefly banned due to safety concerns. Shared e-scooters from companies like Lime, Bird, Helbiz and Spin will return to Miami’s streets on January 15 following strict new safety measures. This time, riders will be required to wear helmets. The commission also cut the number of scooters allowed to b...
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  • San Francisco Rolls Out Electric Scooter Program that Accommodates People with Disabilities
    San Francisco Rolls Out Electric Scooter Program that Accommodates People with Disabilities Nov 25, 2021
    Electric scooters are making their way into cities across USA. However, most e-scooters on the market now can’t accommodate people with disabilities. To solve this problem, scooter operator Bird, in partnership with mobility equipment rental company Scootaround, launched a pilot program in the Bronx that provides electric wheelchair and mobility scooter rentals in July. Now they’re taking this pro...
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