Foldable Electric Scooter
Choosing the right scooter can reduce fire accidents Nov 04

Passengers had to abandon a service at Parsons Green station in west London on Monday after a scooter caught fire then continued to burn on the platform.

Transport union TSSA said e-scooters posed a "significant threat" to the public and rail staff.It said TfL should halt the carrying of e-scooters on all its services.

Additionally, an e-scooter being held in lost property caught fire at TfL staff accommodation in Stanmore, north-west London, on 26 October.

TfL said e-scooters were not allowed to be ridden on the transport network but they could be folded and carried on its services.

"We also know many of these incidents involve batteries which have been sourced on the internet, which may not meet the correct safety standards," a LFB spokesman said.
"Electric scooter battery can get warm during their use and it is advisable to allow them to cool down before attempting to recharge as they could be more susceptible to failure."

Now, It is forbidden to ride e-scooters at stations or on trains, and failure to comply with this by-law is a criminal offence. E-scooters may currently be carried but must be folded for the entirety of the journey.

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