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The best adults electric scooters for city commuters of Unigogo Sep 23
Since workdays start at about the same time and so everyone is leaving to go to work, the problem is obvious. Traffic jams and rush hours. Scooters come to mind as an obvious solution since they are compact and can just swift through traffic. The inclination of younger people to find greener transport and to live in smaller houses is also a problem greatly solved by electric scooters.

When parking space and time come at a premium a good quality scooter helps you cut down on both. Today we talk about the Unigogo F1 and how it can be a game changer for you in the city.

The Unigogo F1 electric scooter is 15.5 kg with a top speed of 30km/h, it will make you feel like one too. The 350-watt motors will have you zipping off to work and back and then some all the while making you feel like a moto GP driver. Though we will always ask to follow your local traffic rules, the Unigogo F1 is small and nimble enough that you probably won’t be bothered much. The scooter by virtue of its form factor requires no parking space. You can just carry it inside to work or home and find a corner or desk to place it under since it  3 step fold process leaves it small and very storable.

The Unigogo F1 is an electric scooter which means that it’s powered by an electric motor and has fewer parts than a car or a motorbike and thus few points of failure. Consequently, a good quality scooter like the Unigogo F1 will last you a long while and will require little to no professional servicing during its life. The 8.5 inch solid tires are puncture proof and will last you long, and are wide enough to not be led astray by a crack or a pothole in the road.

The Unigogo F1 is equipped with disc brake, dual suspension design so that your commute can be smooth and a comfortable one. A finely tuned suspension is also safer since it will minimize vibrations helping you stay in control and prevent possible damage to the onboard electronics.

Electric scooters are a responsible purchase since they are a good for the environment and don’t contribute to the over congestion of cities. As most cities worldwide are realizing that wider roads don’t solve traffic jams and are transitioning to car free environments and spaces, an electric scooter would feel right at home in such a city.

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