• Design and R&D
    Titan Unigogo has been constantly convening excellent developers from the industry ensure the advancement of scooters and constantly introducing iterative products. We have a professional team dedicated to the design and development of practical and high-quality scooters that meet people's daily travel needs.
  • Raw Material Inspection
    Unigogo pay attention to the quality of every part of the scooter, 100% of materials will be tested. Every scooter we produce will be marked on it, so that we can track the ownership of every part of this scooter. Although it sounds simple, we paid a lot. But for quality control, it's all worth it. For every scooter that has problems, we can trace back to the problem of which component and make ta...
  • Production
    Thanks for the 5000 square meters factory and Modern assembly production line, Unigogo greatly increases the efficiency of production. As long as you have demand, we can produce up to 45000 scooters per month.
  • OEM & ODM
    ODM/OEM customers are our important and essential partners. In the past 10 years, we have cooperated with many world-renowned brand companies by providing ODM/OEM services. Independent ODM design and R&D teams, industry-leading laboratories and production facilities all contributes to impressive ODM/OEM services which helps our customers achieve their brands and careers. As long as customers p...
  • Battery Vibration Testing
    Quality is our mission. So we have a series of complete quality inspection equipment to control the quality of scooters. The shock resistance of the battery is very important. We often ride on rugged terrain. This machine will vibrate the battery for ten minutes to test the stability of the battery and the stability of the battery wiring. Unqualified batteries will be eliminated.
  • Scooter Pole Fatigue Testing
    I think you may have had the experience of a scooter pole broken. Few things are more exhilarating than cruising along on your e-scooter, taming hills and scoffing at headwinds. But at this great time,the pole is broken,you are going to hospital with rupture spleen. That's really too bad Unigogo does not allow such things to happen, as we have always said, quality is our mission. We test the stren...
  • Motor Controller And Display Testing
    The controller and motor are the brain and arm of the scooter, without them, you can't do anything. So they are also important targets of Unigogo quality inspection Unigogo separated them from the scooter and provided them with continuous power to keep running until failure. The data obtained makes us more confident in our scooter.
  • Whole Scooter Fatigue Testing
    The scooter that graduated from the production line also needs to pass whole scooter fatigue testing. After that, they can be allowed to leave the factory and deliver to you. We will give the scooter loading up to 150 kgs and hang 5 kgs weight on the handle. Run on a machine with simulated obstacles. To test the scooter's load-bearing performance, handle stability, shock absorption stability, rang...

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