Introduction of high quality Unigogo F3 widewheel electric scooter Sep 16, 2021

With the expansion of market demand, the types of electric scooters are becoming more and more abundant, and the performance is becoming more and more perfect and superior. Unigogo F3 widewheel electric scooter are the product of this change.

Thanks to its 600-watt motors, the Unigogo F3 powers up hills with aplomb, and keep you have a smooth riding with 50 km/h speed.Solid tires and double suspension system keep you free from tire explosions and severe vibrations

The Unigogo F3 has a great display that's bright enough to easily see even in daylight; we also liked its intuitive controls and loud, electric-sounding horn. It has both head and taillights, the latter of which blinks rapidly when you hit the brakes.

We were also enamored with the Unigogo F3 sleek design, its curvy and artistic Space-grade materials scooter frame, making for an intriguing look. And, you can personalize the look with custom skins.

Compared with the popular mercane widewheel pro, Unigogo F3 has higher performance and lower price. If you need a wide-wheeled electric car as the main product of your store, I think unigogo f3 will be a good choice. why not have a try?

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